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Oct 21 12

Who was the Worst President Ever?

by glenn

Who was the worst President on record? Bush by a wide margin. His approval rating when he left office was 21%, 11 points lower than Truman (the second lowest). A total of 61% of historians polled rated him the worst president ever. He started 2 wars on borrowed money. He gave a large tax cut with borrowed money that largely benefited the wealthy and set the stage for huge deficits. read more…

Oct 17 12

Modifying Your Mortgage to Avoid Foreclosure

by glenn

Modifying Your Mortgage to Avoid Foreclosure

by Jeffery Sterner

The Foreclosure Complaint

If you are facing foreclosure because you haven’t been able to keep up with your mortgage payments, you should pursue a mortgage modification. At the start of the foreclosure process, the plaintiff, who is the lender or bank, files a lawsuit against you, the defendant, for failing to meet the terms of your mortgage agreement. read more…

Oct 13 12

Advice on Picking a Financial Advisor

by glenn

If you are looking for financial advice there are many people who specialize in this field and can help you manage your money. There is no shortage of experts in the field of financial advice, but the trick is finding the right match for your needs. read more…

Mar 16 12

The Decision to Sell Investments & Pay Income Taxes

by glenn

The Perception of Taxes

Taxes are often considered a necessary evil. The topic evokes strong emotions. How we perceive taxes and how we feel about paying them are complex issues. For investors, two significant situations to avoid when it comes to taxes are: read more…

Oct 28 11

Making Smart Investment Decisions

by glenn

By Jeff Griswold

Clients & Investors hate uncertainty.

While most of us understand that only legends in their own mind have perfect clarity as to the future, when presented with conditions that create a heightened sense of uncertainty, investors, even many with well-designed plans that anticipate that crises and bear markets will occur with a high degree of frequency, react, letting their emotions and stomachs take over.  And stomachs don’t make good read more…

Oct 9 11

Guidelines for Guest Posts

by glenn

I have had many requests for guest posts on my website: Some have been far removed from my field of personal finance & economics. I have decided to accept some guest posts so here are the guidelines:

1. I won’t accept guest posts from people selling products or services unrelated to my field. For example, if you sell medicine, cameras, hair products, exercise equipment, services unrelated to some aspect of finance, etc., don’t bother to respond.

2. Some items that would be acceptable are finance related services like insurance, taxes, credit cards, travel, energy saving, mortgages, personal finance related books, economics, etc. Look at the Table of Contents of my book “The Money Saving Wealth Building Guide for the New Economy,” shown on this website. Also check out my blogs here.

3. You need to have a substantial social media following on sites like Twitter and/or FaceBook. At this point I have no minimums, but more is better.

4. You receive no compensation.

5. You agree to mention your guest post multiple times on social media.

6. The post should be informative & not mainly promotional. You can put a short bio (25 words) & link to your site at the end of the post.

7. Length of about 500-1000 words. No offensive material.

8. Posting is entirely at my discretion & I will de-list any post found to abuse the guidelines or the educational intent of my blog.

9. You accept all liability for the content of your blog.

10. The posting should be yours & not copying someone else’s post. It also should be original & not having been previously published or posted.

11. Email me at You can send an idea or a complete blog. Do not send as an attachment as I don’t want to pick up viruses.

Sep 9 11

Should Fed Chair Bernanke be Fired?

by glenn

There has been talk among Tea Party members, mostly Republicans like Ron Paul, that Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, has cheapened the dollar and is leading the U.S. on a path to economic ruin. Some would like to fire him and abolish the Federal Reserve System. read more…

Jul 15 11

Sex, Drugs, & Other Important Lifestyle Choices

by glenn

Many lifestyle choices have an important bearing on your physical and financial health. If you get sick or injured, then it may have a negative effect on your income and retirement savings. I would include in that category read more…

Jul 15 11

Important Sources of Medical Information

by glenn

To help you make better health care choices and communicate with your health care professional, I highly recommend reading about medical trends and studies. Some of the better sources read more…

Jul 3 11

How to Get the Best Airfare Deals

by glenn

The best deals are going to occur on those flights with lots of unsold seats. On most travel sites, you can go through the booking process but not actually buy the ticket and see how many seats are still available. The lower prices are likely to start showing up about three to four months before departure on those empty planes. They may again occur 45-60 days in advance. If you book directly with the airline, you may be able to get a refund or a credit for the difference if ticket prices drop.
The worst prices often occur about 0-4 weeks before departure (and
sometimes earlier) during certain days of the week. The best chance of snaring a last minute fare is in competitive routes. Before playing the waiting game, always read more…